Working With Chaperones

Many teachers find that one of the hardest parts of planning a field trip is recruiting chaperones. When recruiting chaperones, you want to look for adults who are interested in the subject matter, who know the students, and who will put students needs above their own. Here are some tips for recruiting and training chaperones.

  • Check with your district to see if there are any rules regarding chaperone recruitment. Some require a police background check before the chaperone can travel with the students.

  • Hand-pick chaperones from your list of engaged and interested parent volunteers. Those who already volunteer in your class know the students and are probably more available in the daytime hours.
  • Be very honest about your expectations for the field trip. Outline the day, your planned activities and any clothing requirements that you might have for your students and chaperones. Explain what their role in the field trip will be and what you expect of them. Explain your wishes regarding electronics and use of phones during the field trip.
  • Don’t forget grandparents and aunts and uncles. Sometimes close relatives are happy to spend the day with their young one when parents are unable to attend.

Check our downloads page for a sample letter for your chaperones.