Assessing your students' learning

We have set up a survey system online to show that students who participate in our programs are really learning about their natural world, history, and cultural heritage.


Before the Program

Before your program, please take your students to your computer lab and allow them to complete a short online survey that asks them general questions about their knowledge of subject matter.

Survey before a Field Trip:

Survey for History Students before a Field Trip:

Survey before an Outreach Program:

There are no wrong answers, so please help us by refraining from prompting your students for the “right” one.

After the Program

When you return from your trip, please follow the above instructions again, using the following links as appropriate for your class:

Survey after a Field Trip:

Survey for History Students after a Field Trip:

Survey after an Outreach Program:

We will analyze your student data along with that of all the other students who participate in a Delaware State Parks school program and hope to be to able to evaluate our educational impact on Delaware’s students. 


Your Evaluation of the Field Trip Experience

Delaware State Parks is also committed to making sure that our programs are of utmost quality for you, the teacher.  After your program, please visit to complete a survey about your school program experience with Delaware State Parks.