How to Prepare Your Students for a State Parks Field Trip

The best way to insure that your students will get the most out of your class field trip is to prepare everyone involved. If your students and their chaperones are well prepared, they are more comfortable with what can be a new experience. Here are some suggestions for how best to prepare for your special day.

Pre-Visit Activities

There are several ways to prepare your students for the content that they will be learning during their program. One way is to check out the park’s outreach programs to complement your field trip. Coupling an outreach and on-site program could get you discounted rates on both.

Park Manners

  • Stay with your group and listen to your leader.
  • Stay on pathways and trails.
  • Follow directions and ask questions.
  • Respect the rights of other living things in the park. All of our visitors, animals and plants are important to us. They deserve the right to enjoy the day just as you are.

Clothing Requirements

When your class visits a Delaware State Park, you will spend a large portion of the day outside. Students and chaperones should dress for the weather and be prepared to get dirty. They should wear flat, closed-toe shoes (like sneakers), regardless of the weather. If the weather report calls for rain or snow, everyone should come prepared for wet and muddy feet. If your program takes place on or near a body of water, your students might get muddy feet even on the sunniest day. Make sure your students and chaperones dress accordingly.