Trails in Delaware State Parks

Trails provide a terrific opportunity to get and stay in shape and enjoy the great outdoors. With more than 150 miles of hiking, biking, equestrian and water trails throughout the state, we make it easy to find one that's right for you!

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Master List: All Trails in Delaware State Parks

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Trails by Park Trails Type of Trail Miles Ease Handicapped-Accessible Trail
Alapocas Run Alapocas Woods Hiking 0.7 Easy to Moderate No
PawPaw Hiking 0.3 Easy No  
Northern Delaware Greenway Hiking, Biking 2.0 Easy Yes  
Auburn Heights Preserve Auburn Heights Trail Hiking, Biking, Steam Car 1.3 Moderate No  
Auburn Valley Trail Hiking, Biking 1.3 Easy to Moderate No  
Trolley Trail Hiking, Biking 0.5 Easy No  
Bellevue Northern Delaware Greenway Hiking, Biking 1.6 Easy Yes  
Equestrian Hiking, Equestrian 2.7 Easy No  
Nature Preserve Hiking 1.5 Easy to Moderate No  
Oval Track Hiking, Biking 1.2 Easy Yes  
Brandywine Creek Indian Springs Hiking 1.8 Easy to Moderate No  
Rocky Run Hiking 2.0 Moderate Yes*  
Hidden Pond Hiking 2.8 Easy to Moderate No  
Brandywine Trail (formerly Northern Delaware Greenway) Hiking, Biking 2.9 Easy Yes  
Cape Henlopen Beach Hiking, Equestrian 4.6 Easy to Moderate No  
Pinelands Hiking 2.0 Easy No  
Seaside Nature Hiking 0.6 Easy No  
Walking Dunes Hiking, Biking 2.5 Easy No  
Salt Marsh Spur Hiking, Biking 0.6 Easy No  
Bike Loop Hiking, Biking 3.0 Easy to Moderate Yes  
  Gordons Pond Hiking, Biking 3.2 Easy to Moderate No  
  Junction and Breakwater Hiking, Biking 5.0 Easy Yes  
Delaware Seashore Assawoman Canal Trail Hiking, Biking 1.0 Easy Yes  
Beach Area Hiking, Equestrian 4.6 Easy to Moderate No  
Burton Island Hiking 1.5 Easy No  
Fred Hudson Road Trail Hiking, Biking, Equestrian 1.0 Easy Yes  
Prickly Pear Hiking, Biking, Equestrian 3.5 Easy Yes -
1 mile
Thompson Island Hiking 0.7 Easy Yes  
Fenwick Island Beach Area Hiking, Equestrian 2.6 Easy No  
Fort Delaware Prison Camp Hiking 0.6 Easy No  
Fort Dupont River View Hiking 1.1 Easy No  
Port Penn Hiking 0.9 Easy No  
Fox Point Northern Delaware Greenway Hiking, Biking 1.3 Easy Yes  
Riverview Hiking, Biking 0.7   Yes  
Holts Landing Sea Hawk Hiking 1.5 Easy No  
Seahorse Hiking, Biking, Equestrian 1.2 Easy Yes  
Killens Pond Bike Hiking, Biking 2.0 Easy Yes  
Pondside Hiking 2.6 Easy to Moderate Yes**  
Cross Country Hiking 3.1 Easy No  
Life Course Hiking 0.8 Easy Yes  
Lums Pond Little Jersey Hiking, Biking, Equestrian 8.1 Easy No  
Swamp Forest Hiking 6.8 Easy Yes**  
Sensory Loop Hiking 0.1 Easy Yes  
Life Course Hiking 0.8 Easy No  
Trap Pond American Holly Hiking, Biking 0.7 Easy Yes  
Bob Hiking, Biking, Equestrian 4.6 Easy Yes  
Cypress Point Hiking 1.0 Easy Yes**  
Huckleberry Hiking, Equestrian 1.8 Moderate No  
Island Hiking 0.6 Easy Yes**  
Terrapin Branch Water Canoe, Kayak 1.4 Medium No  
Racoon Pond Water Canoe, Kayak 1.0 Medium No  
James Branch Water Canoe, Kayak 6.5 Advanced No  
White Clay Creek Millstone Hiking 1.3 Easy to Moderate No  
Twin Valley Hiking 3.9 Moderate No  
David English Hiking, Biking 2.4 Moderate No  
Whitely Farms Hiking, Biking 3.2 Moderate No  
Bryan's Field Hiking, Biking 2.1 Moderate No  
Boundary Line Hiking, Biking 1.4 Moderate No  
Chestnut Hill Hiking, Biking 3.4 Moderate No  
Pomeroy Hiking, Biking 2.0 Easy Yes  
Tri-Valley Hiking, Biking 3.1 Moderate No  
Wilmington - Brandywine Park Northern Delaware Greenway Hiking, Biking 0.9 Easy Yes  

* Northern Delaware Greenway Trail portion only.

** Partially.