Placing a Cache

Geocaching is a fun activity for the family and a great way to enjoy Delaware State Parks. To make sure that your experience is successful, here are a few simple rules to follow:

Review the policy for placing a cache in Delaware State Parks.

Download (pdf) and complete the Delaware State Parks permit application. Do not sign the application until you have spoken with the Park Superintendent.

Research a Site

Make sure that the site you choose isn't too easy to get to, but can be reached by several different routes. Use existing trails as often as possible.

Calculate the Coordinates

Calculate the coordinates of the place where you are hiding your cache using your hand-held GPS unit. For help with calculating coordinates, visit Visit to see how to formulate clues if you are placing a letterbox. Do not bury your cache, but you may camouflage it with leaves or fallen branches.

Submit Your Application

Submit your application to the Park Office where you would like to place your cache and make arrangements to discuss its location with the Park Superintendent.

Request a Cache Listing

Request a cache listing from If the cache has not yet been approved, add a note to the reviewer stating that approval from Delaware State Parks is pending.

Find a Container

Find a container that is the right size and is water resistant. Make sure that your official "Approved by Delaware State Parks" sticker can be affixed to your container.

Fill Your Container

Fill your container with a small logbook and pen or pencil as well as some inexpensive items such as toys, tokens, etc. so visitors to your cache may exchange them for items of their own. You may want to place these items in reclosable plastic bags to protect them from the elements. Caches should be appropriate for all ages and should never contain food, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, or prescription or illicit drugs.

Once your cache or letterbox is approved by Delaware State Parks, you may place it in the agreed-upon location. Let the reviewer at know that the cache has been approved, and tell them who approved it. The reviewer will then tell you how to add the "Approved by Delaware State Parks" logo to your cache page. For letterboxes, follow the instructions for adding clues at Do not bury your cache, and try to hide it "naturally" -- leaves and fallen branches are good cover. Remember to "Leave No Trace" and disturb the surrounding area as little as possible.

Remember, it is your responsibility to maintain the cache. You should visit it as often as possible. You can ask visitors who post their finds to let you know what condition the cache is in.

Your cache will need to be re-permitted each year.