What is Geocaching?

Geocaching and its cousin, letterboxing combine outdoor activity with technology and adventure gaming.

A geocacher places a waterproof container in a public place, calculates its coordinates with a handheld GPS unit, and posts the cache location on the Internet at Other geocachers download the coordinates on their GPS units and try to find the cache.

The caches usually contain items to trade, a logbook and sometimes a camera so the finder can snap a picture of themselves. Most often, the caches aren't hidden in plain sight.

What is Letterboxing?

Letterboxing also involves hiding a waterproof container and logbook. Instead of GPS coordinates, clues for finding the letterbox location are posted on the Internet, passed by word of mouth, or hidden inside another letterbox.

Letterboxes also include a rubber stamp for the finder to use in his or her own logbook. Visit to locate letterboxes in your area.