Picnicking - Group Reservations

Important information about making a
pavilion or picnic area reservation

The following information will help you better navigate the new system and quickly make your reservation.

  1. Know the date you want to reserve the pavilion or picnic area
  2. Know the park where you want to have your event. If reserving online, click the "Reserve Now!" button next to the park of your choice on our Locations page.
  3. Several parks have more than one pavilion and picnic area, so you’ll want to know the site name you want to reserve. Park maps are available on our reservation system website if you are not familiar with the location.
  4. Have your contact information available (name, address, day phone, etc.).  This is needed should the park staff need to contact you at a later date.
    • Walk-in Reservations  - cash, check and credit card (Visa, MasterCard) are accepted. 
    • Internet Reservations – Credit card Only (Visa, MasterCard).
    • Call Center Reservations at 1-877-98-PARKS.  Credit card and check are accepted.  Payments by check must be received within 10 days of the reservation or the reservation will be voided.NOTE:  Telephone reservations are not accepted at state park offices, but will to be forwarded to the call center.
      See below for additional information regarding payment for non-profits and State of Delaware agencies
Cancellation Policy

A $30 cancellation fee is charged if you cancel your reservation more than 30 days in advance of your reservation date.

No refunds are made for pavilion reservations that are cancelled 30 days or fewer in advance of your reservation date.

Other Information

You may reserve as early as one year in advance of your preferred date. 

If your desired date is unavailable, you may sign up to receive notification by e-mail if we receive a cancellation for that date.

Delaware State Parks practice Carry-In, Carry-Out, so please bring bags to take your trash out with you. Some parks permit alcohol in certain areas -- visit our picnic locations page for more information.

Be sure to bring what you need for the perfect picnic, but remember to leave your pets at home.

Non-Profit and State of Delaware Agency Information
  • Discounts available for weekday pavilion rentals.
  • Non-Profit Groups
    Please have your 501c3 number available when making the reservation.  Your reservation may not be accepted if proof of your non-profit status is not presented.
  • State of Delaware Agencies
    Payment for reservations will only be accepted by credit cards or check.  With the new automated system, IVs  are no longer accepted as a form of payment.


Please contact your nearest park office, or call (302) 739-9220 for more information about making your reservation for a pavilion or picnic area.