Hiking Tips & Techniques

There are several different kinds of hiking trails available in Delaware State Parks; they include walking trails, cross-country trails, and more. Many of the trails are also shared use with horses, pets and mountain bikers. To stay safe while hiking, be prepared to meet weather and nature on their own terms. Be careful of dehydration, poisonous plants, stream crossings, high tide, flooding, sensitive wildlife, insect bites and stings, and disorientation. Trails and areas at state parks close from time to time for both your safety and safety of the plants and animals in the area.

To be fully prepared for hiking, include appropriate footwear and socks, map of the trails, water, snacks, a first aid kit, rain jacket, camera, hat, sunscreen, extra clothing to layer, flashlight and binoculars. Remember, Delaware State Parks are Carry-in, Carry-out parks, meaning that so anything you bring into the parks must come out with you, including trash.