Clash with the Creek

2014 Adventure Race Series

Brandywine Creek State Park
June 15, 2014

• Mountain Bike

• River Canoe

• Orienteering

2013 Top 3 Places
2013 Full Results

Start by mountain biking the forested trails of Brandywine Creek State Park in this team event. Then grab a paddle and enjoy a beautiful stretch of Brandywine Creek. Finally, pick up a map and compass and be the first to complete the orienteering portion of the race. This team event is limited to 100 participants. Canoes, compasses and maps are provided.


Delaware State Parks is not responsible for the timeliness or accuracy of registrations submitted by others on your behalf. If you do not receive a confirmation within 7 days of mailing your registration, please call (302) 739-9175.

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1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners

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Mixed Doubles

Place Team Time
1 Rebecca Lamont and Shawn Lamont - Best Overall 1:02:38 AM
2 Jason Challandes and Lauri Leary 1:06:33 AM
3 Julie Hirokawa and Craig Hirokawa 1:13:25 AM

Male / Male Team

Place Team Time
1 Michael Dean and Dennis Huber 1:05:45 AM
2 Bill Mebane and Tyler Mebane 1:06:45 AM
3 Mike Bordner and Chris Componovo 1:07:10 AM

Female / Female Team

Place Team Time
1 Kristen Dunlap and Karen Dunlap 01:32:25
2 Sherrie Hill and Amy Lorenz 01:49:24
3 Diane Johnson and Holly Johnson 01:51:28

Parent / Child Team

Place Team Time
1 Ross Apparies and Ethan Apparies 01:20:50
2 Louise Corbett and Ronan Corbett 01:20:50
3 Martin Corbett and Molly Corbett 02:07:39