Brandywine Zoo

Wilmington State Parks

1001 North Park Drive, Wilmington, DE 19802
Phone: (302) 571-7788
Fax: (302) 571-7787
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Open since 1905, Delaware's only zoo is located a few steps from the Brandywine River. The zoo features condors, river otters, and other animals native to the Americas and the temperate areas of Asia.

Not far from the bustle of the city is a serene, yet wild place. Set in beautiful Brandywine Park, Brandywine Zoo offers a convenient escape that feels worlds away.

The Brandywine Zoo is managed by Delaware State Parks with the support of the Delaware Zoological Society. This quaint facility is home to a variety of species of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. At Brandywine Zoo, visitors return again and again to see our animals in natural settings. Come see our Golden Lion Tamarins, playful river otters, Andean condors, Florida bobcat, sandhill crane, burrowing owls, pygmy goats, llama, rhea, and the world's largest rodent, the capybara.

Learn about wild and exotic animals right in your community! Brandywine Zoo offers educational programs for enthusiasts of all ages, from toddlers to adult. Contact the Zoo Education Department for more information at (302) 571-7788, Ext. 208 or 209.


The Brandywine Zoo is wheelchair-accessible and offers convenient free parking.