Conservation Alert!

White-Nose Syndrome at Fort Delaware

Delaware City, Delaware

Bats Need Our Help!

The bats inhabiting forts and caves throughout the U.S. are in danger of contracting White-Nose Syndrome (WNS) from a fungus spread through spores.  WNS is a disease that is killing bats by the millions, and unfortunately, its presence has been confirmed at Fort Delaware.

The spores that cause WNS are moved around mostly by bats, but humans can accidently move the spores as well. Unlike bats, people could spread it from Delaware to nearly anywhere in the world in a matter of days.In the last six years, over 5.7 million bats have died from WNS.

There is no evidence of health issues to humans, but to protect bats and prevent White-Nose Syndrome from spreading, all Fort Delaware visitors must follow certain procedures that have been put in place at the Fort.


Know before you go

You can help bats and prevent accidentally spreading spores to other sites by taking these simple steps while visiting Fort Delaware:

  • Please wear closed-toed shoes.
  • Use the wet bio-mats provided at the fort that will clean and disinfect the soles of your shoes. Visitors will be asked to remain on the mat for 4 seconds.
  • Avoid touching or rubbing against the walls of the Fort.
  • Follow all rules and directions provided by the Fort Delaware staff.
  • Educate yourself, and please ask our park staff any questions you may have


After You Leave Fort Delaware
  • Avoid bringing clothes and personal items from your visit to Fort Delaware to other caves, parks, states, or countries that are WNS-free. See a Map
  • If you must bring an item to an area mentioned above, please decontaminate at home.
  • Find out what the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife is doing for bats.

Thanks for helping bats in a big way with these small steps on your visit to Fort Delaware!

More information about bats and White-Nose Syndrome:

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