Miscellaneous Fee Information

Miscellaneous Fees

Item Fee
Recreational Equipment Bag $20, with $50 deposit or license
Dump Fees $7
Commercial Filming Location $150 first day
$75 each additional day
Commercial Photography Location $150 first day
$75 each additional day

Recreational Equipment Bag

Horseshoe, volleyball, and softball equipment is available for a fee of $25 at Bellevue, Brandywine Creek, Fox Point, Lums Pond, Trap Pond and Killens Pond State Parks. Individuals renting equipment must be a least 18 years of age, present a valid driver's license as proof, and may leave either their driver's license or $50 as a deposit.

Other Structures

Rental rate for park structures not specifically mentioned on this website is $10 an hour for each eight-hour period, with a minimum charge of $30. Rental rate is $25 an hour if setup and cleanup service is included. Special conditions may require higher fees.

Other Fees

There may be additional charges for designated special events or programs sponsored or cosponsored by the Division of Parks and Recreation.