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The Greenway & Trail Program is a component to Delaware's land protection and outdoor recreation development effort. This program is essentially about connections between our parks, wildlife areas, and other open spaces that create corridors through which animals can migrate and prosper and people can travel, exercise, and enjoy nature. Throughout Delaware, greenways are growing as new lands are protected, creating natural areas of unbroken vegetation. In many communities greenways are being enhanced with biking and hiking trails, canoeing trails, and educational and interpretive exhibits.

Delaware's Greenway and Trail Program is a statewide initiative to preserve and protect corridors of open space, and where appropriate, enhance these areas with trails and paved pathways. The Program is administered by the Division of Parks and Recreation, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.

pic3.jpg 37.4 KThe Program makes annual grants to municipal and county agencies for greenway and trail acquisition and development. Since the beginning of Delaware's Greenway and Trail Program, the state government has worked with counties, municipalities, non-profit organizations, and community groups to create a network of greenways and trails throughout the state.

In1995, the Delaware General Assembly created the Council on Greenways and Trails. This advisory council is charged with fostering greenway protection and trail development throughout the state.

img27.jpg 25.8 KIn spring 1996, Delaware's Greenway and Trail Program was nationally recognized for its role in developing Delaware's greenway network when it was awarded the American Greenways DuPont Government Award. The American Greenways DuPont Award was established by the DuPont Company in partnership with the National Geographic Society and The Conservation Fund to recognize businesses, non­profit organizations, and government agencies who have been successful in creating greenways.

What is a Greenway?

A greenway is a natural area of unbroken vegetation where recreation and conservation are the primary values. They link parks, forests, wildlife refuges and historical landmarks. Greenways can follow rivers, streams, wetlands, barrier beaches, hilltops and abandoned rail lines, and cross fields and forests. Some greenways are publicly owned; others are private. Some are for recreation; others protect a scenic view or wildlife habitat. Greenways can include biking and hiking trails, and paths of grass and trees threading their way through cities and countryside like ribbons of green.

What is a Trail?

A trail is a linear corridor, on land or water, with protected status and public access for recreation and transportation. (source: Trails for All Americans, U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Summer 1990.)

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Lend a Hand!

Join the Delaware Trail Spinners for trail maintenance work parties at Middle Run Valley Natural Area.
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