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The Assawoman Canal

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The nearby Assawoman Canal is also part of Holts Landing State Park. The 97-acre canal connects the Indian River Bay with Little Assawoman Bay to the south. Measuring over three miles in length, the canal was originally dug by hand by immigrants during the 1890's. Although its waters are very shallow now, the canal operated as part of the nation's inland waterway system at various times throughout its history. Currently, a privately-owned marina operates on a leased portion of the Assawoman Canal, near the Indian River Bay. The marina services include a fuel pump and a small boat launching ramp (fee required) for boaters and park visitors. The Division of Parks and Recreation, in cooperation with private landowners, is currently planning to develop additional recreational facilities in the area. Call the Holts Landing State Park office at (302) 539-9060 for more information on available activities along the Assawoman Canal.

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