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This is the official Delaware State Parks Indian River Marina reconstruction project website. This website is maintained by Applied Technology Management under contract with the Delaware Division of Parks and Recreation.


The Indian River Inlet Marina property was purchased by the State of Delaware in June of 1971. Prior to that, a privately run marina operated at this site for several decades. The existing docks were installed in 1981 and expanded in 1988. The marina currently contains 292 wetslips, fuel and pumpout services, a public boat landing, a marina operations building, a fish cleaning station, and a marine services area. The existing marina infrastructure, particularly the timber floating docks, is at the end of its anticipated lifespan and requires replacement.

Specifically, the proposed improvements include the following:

  • Removal of existing floating docks and construction of 274 new wetslips (112 Phase I; 162 Phase II). New slips will be ADA accessible.
  • Dredging of approximately 62,000 cy in marina basin (32,000 Phase 1; 30,000 Phase II) and construction of upland Confined Disposal Facility (CDF) on site.
  • Reconstruction of existing public boat landing and provision for 60 boat trailer spaces
  • Construction of drystack storage building (174 berths up to 30’), associated staging docks, upland fuel dispensing system, and dropwell. One staging dock to be ADA accessible.
  • Construction of fixed concrete piers for travel lift (existing recessed well to be filled in).
  • Environmental upgrades (sand filters, oil and water separators, etc.) to marine services and drystack area.
  • Construction of new shoreline protection/stabilization consisting of vertical sheetpile and rip-rap at appropriate areas.
  • Replacement of existing fixed fuel dock with floating fuel dock. Potential upgrade to in-slip fueling for adjacent charter boats. Fuel/charter dock to be ADA accessible.
  • Construction of additional parking and associated stormwater management improvements.
  • Construction of 12 ADA accessible cottages, associated parking, and stormwater management improvements.

No impacts to tidal or freshwater wetlands are proposed. Every attempt to utilize existing disturbed areas and minimize the associated impacts to the uplands is being made.


2003 AERIAL PHOTO (Prior to Phase I Renovation)

Status Report - May 2003 - Aerial View - Feb. 2003 (click for medium size picture)...

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Click to see Site Development Plan full size (213 KB)...

To check on availability of slips,
contact the Marina Manager at 302-227-3071.

To view progress, click on “May 2004 Status Report



• Replacement of floating docks (north half of basin)
• Complete dredging (north half of basin)
• Finish upgrade of electric
• Reconstruct floating fueling facility (charters will have in-slip fueling capability)
• Construct dry stack boat storage facility ("Dry stack" is similar to valet parking for a boat; slipholders call ahead to have their boat placed in the water, fueled, and ready to go. On return, the boat receives a fresh water rinse before being stored in the dry stack storage building. Inside storage is convenient and protects the investment by the boater, no UV light deterioration of fiberglass occurs and there is no need to protect boat hull with potentially polluting bottom paints.)

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Renovate Operations Building, including:
• New restroom/showers for slipholders
• Ship’s store
• Upgraded administration facility

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Renovate fish cleaning/sales building

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New rental cottages opening June 26, 2004.

For reservations call 1-877-98-PARKS.

To view photos, click on “May 2004 Status Report

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Click to see photo of a similar dry stack building at another marina (282 KB)...
Click to see inside of building showing storage rack system (176 KB)...
Click to see inside drystack example (169 KB)...
Click to see temporary washdown rack example (153 KB)...

Drystack Storage is the storage of boats on racks in multi-level structures that are often enclosed. Boats are transported from the drystack building to the water via specially-designed forklifts or cranes. At most operations, the boat owner calls ahead to the facility to have their boat placed in the water. When the owner arrives, their boat is waiting for them at the staging dock, fueled and ready to go. When the owner returns from a day on the water, they simply tie the boat up at the staging dock and let the drystack staff rinse the boat and return it to its rack. Some of the many advantages of drystack storage include:

  • Full security and protection. Owners may save on insurance costs.
  • Drystack storage is convenient. Eliminates boat trailer. Marina staff is responsible for boat handling and rinsing with fresh water.
  • Provides easy, convenient storage for boaters who live in neighborhoods with covenants/restrictions.
  • Reduced marine growth. Owner saves money on boat maintenance.
  • Drystack storage keeps boat cleaner and protects from damaging UV rays and foul weather. Assures highest resale value.
  • Eliminates fueling hassles.
  • Drystack storage extends your boating season with easy in and out service.
  • Environmental benefits:
    • Drystack storage minimizes need for dredging.
    • Drystack storage minimizes water quality and flushing concerns.
    • Drystack storage reduces the amount of contact time between pesticide-containing bottom paints and the water.

Anticipated opening Spring 2005.


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