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Click to see photo of a similar dry stack building at another marina (282 KB)...
Click to see inside of building showing storage rack system (176 KB)...
Click to see inside drystack example (169 KB)...
Click to see temporary washdown rack example (153 KB)...

A Drystack Storage facility is a building where boats are stored in multi-level racks, and which are often enclosed. Boats are transported from
the drystack building to the water via specially-designed forklifts or cranes. The boat owner calls ahead to the facility to have a boat
placed in the water. When the owner arrives, the boat is waiting for them at the staging dock, fueled and ready to go. When the owner returns
from a day on the water, the boat is simply tied up at the staging dock, and the drystack staff rinses the boat and returns it to its rack.

Some of the many advantages of drystack storage include:

  • Full security and protection. Owners may save on insurance costs.
  • Drystack storage is convenient. Eliminates boat trailer. Marina staff is responsible for boat handling and rinsing with fresh water.
  • Provides easy, convenient storage for boaters who live in neighborhoods with covenants/restrictions.
  • Reduces marine growth. Owner saves money on boat maintenance.
  • Drystack storage keeps boat cleanerand protects from damaging UV rays and foul weather. Assures highest resale value.
  • Eliminates fueling hassles.
  • Drystack storage extends your boating season with easy in and out service.

Environmental benefits:

  • Drystack storage minimizes need for dredging.
  • Drystack storage minimizes water quality and flushing concerns.
  • Drystack storage reduces the amount of contact time between pesticide-containing bottom paints and the water.

Drystack Storage Facility (Click for full-size picture, 1.54 MB)...

Drystack Storage Facility (Click for full-size picture, 1.51 MB)...

Drystack Storage Facility

Anticipated opening Spring 2006.

For more information, call the Indian River Marina 302-227-3071 or visit the marina website.


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