Cape Henlopen State Park

Lewes, Delaware

Open Daily 8 a.m. to Sunset

2012 Osprey Cam Notes

Some changes were made to the Osprey Cam in 2012. As you might know, first we placed the Osprey Cam on a nest platform atop one of two silos at SPI Pharma, Inc. (a company that extracts minerals from sea water located just outside the park). Due to mechanical reasons, we moved the nest and camera to the other silo. Our nesting pair handled the slight move with no problems.


5/2/12 - Thatch On the Move!

As “Mom” started incubating her first egg, Thatch started his migration back to Delaware. Leaving his winter grounds on April 22, 2012, Thatch crossed into Columbia and arrived at the edge of the Caribbean sea by April 29. He safely made it to Cuba the next day and from the latest satellite download he is still in Cuba as of May 2.
Below: Map of Thatch's migration, 4/22/12 - 5/2/12

Thatch's migration 4/22/12-5/2/12


3/22/12 -- Ospreys Return

The male returned on schedule on March 20 and immediately started to gather new sticks for the nest. The female returned two days later, on March 22. On a side note, our satellite-tagged osprey, Thatch, was preparing to make his first migration north after establishing his overwintering site over the last year and a half.

The Osprey Cam equipment was generously provided by The Friends of Cape Henlopen State Park.