Fort Delaware State Park

Delaware City, Delaware

Access to Fort Delaware is by ferry.
Call the Park Office for this season's schedule.

Prison Camp Trail

Life of an Officer

Life at the fort was not as difficult for those, both North and South, that could claim rank. Confederate General Jeff Thompson wrote a friend in Philadelphia, "I am more pleasantly situated here than I thought it possible for a prisoner to be and hope that my good luck will continue." It is not surprising then, that high ranking soldiers in the Union army fared well at Fort Delaware.

The east coast of the island was 'Officer's Row'- a group of houses for high-ranking Union officers such as the commandant. The men in charge lived with their families in what one commander's wife described as a "rural village." She apparently approved of her "island home" which was "large and airy, a perfect gem, with many closets, a garden adorned with graceful vines, beautiful and delicious fruit trees in profusion, and river scenery."

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