Fort Delaware State Park

Delaware City, Delaware

Access to Fort Delaware is by ferry.
Call the Park Office for this season's schedule.

Prison Camp Trail

"Prison Camp Medical Care"

Life at Fort Delaware was difficult enough for one who was healthy, but the added stress of sickness or injury made survival even more difficult. Fort surgeon Washington G. Nugent wrote that "We are bound to humanity to treat kindly those who are sick and our prisoners, and they are treated here, most of them better off than they ever were before... "

Prisoner Randolph Shotwell's bitter account provides us with a different perspective, however, with his description of the treatment provided the ambulatory sick at the "Surgeon's Window. He described it as " an opening in the wall of the compound where the doctor "made a shameful mockery of prescribing for the wretched prisoners, who almost daily were kept for hours... hanging around the hole in the fence, while the quack rolled bread pills or dished out little powders or magnesia, quinine, or some other white stuff suspiciously like sifted flour.

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