Fort Delaware State Park

Delaware City, Delaware

Access to Fort Delaware is by ferry.
Call the Park Office for this season's schedule.

Prison Camp Trail

Post Civil War Defense

Although it is best known as a Civil War prison, Fort Delaware served as a defense outpost even after the last Confederate prisoner left the confines of the island. The fort grew steadily more obsolete until, by the 1890's, it required major renovations to update its defenses.

As part of the modernization efforts, this mine-control center was built to prevent the movement of enemy ships up the Delaware River. Constructed of concrete and covered with a mound of earth, it was a well-protected nerve center for the control of river mines. The mine control center was used during the Spanish-American War and World War I, but by the Second World War its mine control functions were taken on by Fort Miles, at Lewes, to the south.

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