Fort Delaware State Park

Delaware City, Delaware

Access to Fort Delaware is by ferry.

Living History

Daily Programs

Times for daily programs may vary and may not be offered every day. Call the park office at (302) 834-7941 for daily schedules. Be sure to reserve your ferry tickets before your visit.

Interpretive Tour of the Fort

Meet the people who actually lived on Pea Patch Island during the war as you tour the various rooms. Learn about our restored rooms from both the modern day perspective, and from the perspective of the people living in 1864.

Heavy Artillery Demonstration

The artillery at Fort Delaware could fire over 40,000 pounds of iron in 30 minutes at an enemy ship, but never did fire a shot in anger. Come see our real 8-inch Columbiad - the second largest Civil War cannon still fired in the United States. Learn what the fort's guns could do and how a crew fired this giant.

Heavy Artillery Drill

For eight years this has been one of visitors' favorite programs. In this totally interactive program, recruits are drafted from the audience for the heavy artillery drill at Fort Delaware. Under the watchful eye of the officer, these new recruits will learn to handle the implements required to load and fire our 32-pounder gun.

Captain G. S. Clark: Feeding Fort Delaware

Meet Captain Clark, Commissary Officer for Fort Delaware. It is his job to make sure that all the soldiers, both garrison and the prisoners, get fed the proper amount. This is a monumental task since the fort is on an island with no drinkable water.

GCivil War Photography

Mr. John L. Gihon, artist and photographer, has recently traveled from Philadelphia to Fort Delaware to take images of the soldiers, prisoners, and civilians. Now, he has sent his apprentice to practice taking images in this unique location. Find out how a Civil War-era camera works, and what is needed to make the picture appear on the tin or glass plate as the apprentice learns his trade. Please call the park office at (302) 834-7941 for availability of this special program.

Reverend Isaac Handy: Rebel with a Cause

Ask Reverend Handy how he came to be a political prisoner at Fort Delaware. See if you think he should be in prison, or if he's a traitor to the Union. Whether you agree with his beliefs or not, you're sure to be in for some lively conversation.