Fort Delaware State Park

Delaware City, Delaware

Access to Fort Delaware is by ferry.

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Living History

1864: All Day, Every Day

Fort Delaware was a busy place during the summer of 1864. The lives of the Union soldiers, Confederate prisoners, and civilians going about their daily business on Pea Patch Island are recreated by our own first-person interpreters. Find the similarities and differences between their lives and yours as you "travel back in time."

The Fort Delaware Laundresses

Visit the laundry and meet one of the fort's laundresses. Help her wash clothes the 19th-century way! You'll need plenty of elbow grease as you learn the proper use of a scrub board. And it's not all wash tubs and flat irons. You may also find out some interesting tidbits of gossip.

The Ordnance Room

The soliders at Fort Delaware had a variety of tools with which to care for the weapons they used daily. Take a look inside to see if you can find them at work.

Infantry Drill

Drill for the soldiers took place almost every day, sometimes for hours on end. Officers needed orderly, formations that could react almost instantly to a command. Here's a chance for you to see and learn why drilling was so important.

Great Escapes

Hear the stories of escape attempts from Fort Delaware. From the spectacular escapes, to the unsuccessful attempts, the POWs' methods ran the gamut from daring and ingenious to downright foolish.