Fox Point State Park

Wilmington, Delaware

(302) 761-6963


Although each of the parks in the Delaware State Park system has its own unique features, Fox Point State Park deserves something more than "unique" in its description. Perhaps the best word is "extraordinary."

A Window on the River

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For more than 20 years, the dream of a park on this ribbon of land along the Delaware River has been a source of inspiration as well as frustration for the neighboring communities, now collectively known as Fox Point. One man's vision of a "window on the river" became a rallying point for many northern Delawareans. It is an extraordinary event when dreams turn into reality.

And what a window it is! You can stand at any of the park's new overlooks and see all the way to Philadelphia looking north and well beyond the Delaware Memorial Bridge looking south. There just aren't that many easily accessible places in Delaware where such a spectacular view is readily available.

But great vistas aren't the only attraction of Fox Point State Park. There are a number of wonderful educational opportunities as well.

Reusing the Wasteland

The adaptive reuse of the land upon which this phase of Fox Point State Park has been developed is a singular achievement. Not only does the process of remediating a toxic waste site provide an important educational opportunity, but it also reminds us just how frail our natural resources can be. This window came too close to being locked and shuttered, perhaps forever. Reclaiming a Toxic Waste Site: The Story of Fox Point State Park.

A Working River

The Delaware River has long been a working river and Fox Point State Park provides front row seats for watching the river at work. With the shipping channel a scant hundred yards away, the view of the tugs and tankers will truly be up close and personal. In addition, the park features interpretive displays describing the functions of the various watercraft plying the river.

The river also has historically provided recreational opportunities. The opening of Fox Point State Park is just the beginning of reintroducing recreational use to the river.

Fox Point State Park is a place where the entire family can enjoy a relaxing day strolling, picnicking and just watching the river go by. Horseshoe pits, a volleyball court and a play area for the kids are some of the more active pursuits available. Two pavillions can be rented for larger gatherings.

Fox Point State Park serves as the northern terminus of the ninety mile long Coastal Heritage Greenway that stretches to Cape Henlopen State Park. The greenway highlights Delaware's natural, cultural and recreational diversity. This park is also the eastern-most point of the Northern Delaware Greenway.

Fox Point State Park is a wonderful addition to the Delaware State Park system. This window stands open as a testament to visionaries like the late S. Marston Fox, who conceived and worked toward getting the land set aside as parkland, and community leaders like the late Tom Snell who took Mr. Fox's vision and began to convert it into reality.