Lums Pond State Park

Bear, Delaware

Open Daily 8 a.m. to Sunset

The Friends of Lums Pond

The Friends of Lums Pond, Inc. is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization formed in 2002 to protect and preserve Lums Pond State Park through enhancement projects, public relations, and the education of users.

The organization is independent of Delaware State Parks and relies instead on the work of active volunteers.

The group's aim is to unite with others of like interest in order to make positive changes to Lums Pond State Park and to encourage greater utilization of the park. They do this by:

  • increasing public awareness
  • maintaining plantings around the Park Office and campground
  • assisting in the maintenance of multi-use trails
  • raising funds to enhance park facilities.

There are no dues or fees to join. The only requirement is an interest in Lums Pond State Park. The Friends of Lums Pond meet on the second Saturday of each month. Please e-mail The Friends of Lums Pond or contact one of the officers listed below at (302) 368-6989 for more information.

Clara Robbs (President): Email
Rich Miller (Treasurer): Email