White Clay Creek State Park

Newark, Delaware

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Judge Morris Estate

  • 76 Polly Drummond Hill Road
  • Newark, DE
  • Phone: (302) 368-6900
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This house, circa 1790, is the former home of Judge Hugh M. Morris, a Delaware native, respected attorney and distinguished federal judge. Today, the estate is perfect for special events or business gatherings. Guests will enjoy the charm of this historic home and the serenity of the grounds and nearby pond.

Private Tours

Private tours of the Judge Morris Estate are available for groups up to 15 people. Multiple tours can be arranged for larger groups.

Judge Morris Estate Tour

Discover the Judge Morris Estate, a Delaware State Park treasure. The history of this property extends more than two centuries into the past. Explore the house, discover traces of former owners, and investigate old photographs to reveal evidence of its origin, growth, decline and rescue. The Judge Morris Estate Tour lasts about 1 hours. The cost is $65 per tour.

A private tea to complement this tour is available. Call for prices and more information.