Eagle Award

This is an important time for you. Pursuit of your Eagle Award is a lofty goal. At Delaware State Parks we congratulate you on your quest. We also know that you need to develop, coordinate, lead and conduct a service project. We can help you with this.

Often, people think of service projects in parks as “trails projects” or “tree planting,” but there are many more opportunities in Delaware State Parks.

We have developed list of some of the many types of activities you could undertake for your project. This list is not intended to be complete, but rather to spark your interest and to get you thinking, “How can I make a difference?” Take, for example, the category “Wildlife Conservation.” There are many ways this project can unfold, from assisting with annual bird counts, to helping build deer enclosures to study the effect of the white tail deer herd on native plant species, to identifying plants and trees, to creating displays for the Brandywine Zoo. A simple category heading can lead to some very interesting and in-depth activities — activities that will help you grow as a leader and help the park.

Review the Project List. If you find something that interests you, ask yourself some questions. Consider what your involvement might look like. Does it fit the requirements for your project? What questions do you need answered? What help do you require to make a decision? Once you have some answers, contact us at Delaware State Parks. We will discuss your ideas, and maybe open your mind to new possibilities, as well. We will put you in touch with professionals in our parks to help you develop your project and administer it once you begin.

Please know that not all of these opportunities are available in all parks, and not all of these can be accomplished at every time of the year.

We are excited at the possibility of having your help in the Delaware State Parks. The parks rely on the efforts of committed and engaged community members, like you.

We wish you every success as you pursue your Eagle Award, and congratulate you on your demonstrated leadership and initiative. We applaud your service to your community.

For more information, e-mail Delaware State Parks.