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Delaware State Parks

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Cottage 6
Fort Dupont State Park

Current Conditions

Cottage 6 contains asbestos and lead paint that needs to be removed.  Plasterwork inside is falling and needs to be repaired.  There has been a drop ceiling added to some rooms that will need to be removed.  The floor is in relatively good condition.  The roof in the north east corner leaks.

Outside the roof needs new shingles and the built-in metal gutters need to be repaired.  The cornices are rotten.  The metal roof on the porch is in poor condition.  The brick work needs minor repointing.  Five or six windows have broken panes and/or sashes. The decking and the steps for the porch need to be replaced. 

Cottage 6 does have water connected; it does not have sewer but a sewer main is located nearby.  It has radiator heating with original radiators in place and no air conditioning.  It will need its electrical wiring replaced.