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Lums Mill House
Lums Pond State Park

Current Condition

The Lums Mill House is currently in a deteriorated condition and needs major structural repairs. It is lacking in modern conveniences, including heating and air conditioning, kitchen, and bathrooms. The cellar under the main block has a dirt floor. The roof needs to be replaced, and water damage to the second floor has caused the first floor ceiling to collapse in places. The existing plumbing and electrical wiring will have to be replaced. Much of the plaster has deteriorated and will have to be replaced. Some door and window openings have been blocked with cinder blocks to deter vandalism. This will have to be removed. Extensive brick repointing and repair is needed.  Inappropriate repointing with pure Portland cement must also be removed and replaced with a mortar that is equal to or softer than the original mortar, if it can be accomplished without damage to existing masonry.