Resident Curatorship Program

Delaware State Parks

(302) 739-9186

How To Apply


Anyone interested in participating in this innovative program should submit a proposal to the Delaware Division of Parks and Recreation. This proposal must include the following elements:

  1. A detailed task by task breakdown of the proposed preservation, restoration, rehabilitation and renovation including the retention of the significant elements including, but not restricted to those defined in this request for proposals.
  2. A detailed restoration work plan and cost estimate for completing the preservation, restoration, rehabilitation, and renovation of the curatorship structure within a five (5) year period. The work plan must show a task by task schedule for completing the work. The work plan must indicate which elements will be undertaken by the applicant(s) and which will be undertaken by a contractor. The work plan must also provide for the completion of an historic structure report recording evidence of the building’s original appearance and the effects of later alterations before work begins.
  3. A resume(s) outlining the experience of the curator(s) and/or their contractor(s) in completing one or more successful historic preservation rehabilitation or restoration projects, or other related experience.
  4. A financial disclosure statement demonstrating the financial ability of the applicant(s) to complete the five-year work plan.
  5. A copy of the applicant’s federal and state income tax returns for the previous three (3) years.
  6. A completed background investigation form from each applicant authorizing the Division to conduct a background investigation on the applicant(s).

Before submitting a proposal, please contact the Resident Curatorship program coordinator for additional information and new developments in the program.