Resident Curatorship Program

Delaware State Parks

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Sarah Brooks House
Bellevue State Park

Current Condition

The Sarah Brooks house needs significant structural repairs. In addition to age-related issues, the Sarah Brooks house received damage from a fire in May, 2007.  After the fire, a structural engineer was brought in to do a structural analysis to see if the building could be repaired. Charring on the inside timbers needs to be cleaned, but is not of a degree to have harmed their structural integrity.  The front porch roof is cracked.  The roof will need to be replaced. The window sashes are gone.  Floorboards are resting on timbers that are laid directly on the ground, which will require preservation and stabilization measures as well as regrading and modern moisture protection. There is electric service run to the building, but interior electrical wiring needs to be replaced. As part of the curatorship proposal, the Division would expect to see both water and septic tied in the city systems.