Resident Curatorship Program

Delaware State Parks

(302) 739-9186

Selection Procedures

Completed applications will be reviewed by the Resident Curatorship Selection Committee.  The committee will determine which applicants are qualified and rank the applications.

The Resident Curatorship Selection Committee will be comprised of two non-voting ex-officio members and six voting members who serve at the pleasure of the DNREC Secretary.

The six voting members will consist of:

  • a member of the Parks and Recreation Council, who will chair the committee;
  • an architect (recruited from the Delaware Chapter of the AIA);
  • a representative of the Delaware State Historic Preservation Office;
  • a representative of Preservation Delaware;
  • a representative with experience in construction and/or real estate financing;
  • An attorney with experience in real estate and related legal matters.

The two non-voting ex-officio members will consist of:

  • the Park Administrator or the Park Superintendent for the park in which the curatorship is located;
  • the Cultural Conservation Program Manager who is also the coordinator of the resident curatorship program.

The following criteria will be used to determine qualifications and ranks:

  • The work plan for rehabilitation can be accomplished within five years;
  • The applicant(s) and their proposed contractor(s) are familiar with historic preservation standards and can complete the work plan in accordance with those standards;
  • The applicant has the financial ability to complete the rehabilitation plan.

When desirable, the Resident Curatorship Selection Committee may recommend that changes in a proposal be negotiated with the applicant to ensure the most viable project.