Fort Delaware State Park

45 Clinton Street
Delaware City, DE 19706

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About Our Programs

School programs at Fort Delaware State Park focus on Civil War history and Delaware’s role in the conflict. Students explore the fort, its rooms and its artifacts, and meet costumed history interpreters who show what it was like to live and work in a 19th-century military prison. Our engaging, knowledgeable staff teaches hands-on history: your class may work with the laundress, talk with a free black apprentice about his life at the fort, witness an artillery demonstration with live gunpowder charges and learn how our historians do the primary research that underlies all of our programs.

About Fort Delaware State Park

This Union fortress dates back to 1859, and once housed Confederate prisoners of war. The fort was originally built to protect the ports of Wilmington and Philadelphia. See a diorama of Fort Delaware and Pea Patch Island as it appeared in 1864 and artifacts from the island’s past. Visitors take a ˝-mile boat ride from Delaware City to Pea Patch Island,where a jitney provides transport from the island dock to the granite and brick fortress.

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Fort Delaware State Park Field Trips
Grade Level
Living History at Fort Delaware 2-12 History 1- 4-5a, 6-8a; 2- K-3a, 4-5a, 4-5b, 6-8b; 3- K-3a, 4-5a,6-8a; 4- K-3a, K-3b 
A Fort Delaware Soldier: Private Alexander Hamilton 4-8 H1.45a, H3.45a H1.45a, H3.45a H1.68a 



Fort Delaware State Park Outreach Programs
Grade Level
History Sleuths! 4 -12 History 1- 4-5a, 6-8a, 9-12a; 2- 4-5a, 6-8a, 6-8b, 9-12a, 9-12b; 3- 4-5a, 6-8a, 9-12a


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