Fort Delaware State Park Outreach Program

History Sleuths!

Grade Level: 4 -12
Program Length: 45 minutes

A historian brings artifacts and copies of primary and secondary research documents to the classroom, including diaries, journals, letters, military records, and photographs. The presentation gives students a hands-on opportunity with these resources to learn how historians tell the story of the people who lived and worked at Fort Delaware during the Civil War.

Fee: $3 per student plus travel fee of .51 cents/mile over 30 miles round trip
Standards:History 1- 4-5a, 6-8a, 9-12a; 2- 4-5a, 6-8a, 6-8b, 9-12a, 9-12b; 3- 4-5a, 6-8a, 9-12a

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