Volunteer Hosting Program

Contact: Glen Stubbolo
89 Kings Hwy., Dover, DE 19901
Phone: (302) 739-9193
Fax: (302) 739-3817

9 Steps to Becoming a Volunteer Host

1. What, Where, When?

Decide where, when and what you are interested in doing from the many hosting opportunities available in Delaware State Parks, and think about alternatives should your first preference not be available.

2. Application

Visit our To Apply page to access our online volunteer host application. If applying as a couple, both members need to provide information.

3. Contact

After your application is received, you will be contacted either by phone or by mail. You may be interviewed over the phone. If applying as a couple- both members will be interviewed. It will detail position requirements and expectations as well as answer your questions . This is a two-way conversation, meant to determine if we meet each other's needs, so please be certain to ask enough questions to thoroughly understand the scope and detail of your duties. You may receive a second call from the Park staff. The Division of Parks and Recreation will perform a driving record and criminal background check and your references may also be called. These screening steps are in place to protect you as well as the Division, so please make certain you provide this information on the application. All volunteers will be notified as soon as possible by phone, e-mail, or mail regarding position status.

4. Assignment

Participating Hosts will be contacted to help make arrangements for their positions, sites, and dates. You will receive a Pre-Arrival Information packet by mail. Work schedule will be established with park staff.

5. Pre-Arrival Information

You will be sent forms and information prior to your arrival. These can be divided into 2 sections: Those returned prior to arrival and those returned upon arrival.

Return prior to arrival:

  • Commitment Form: Dates, Location, Site and Positions
  • Host Manual with Orientation Quiz

Return upon arrival:

  • Host Agreement and Position Descriptions Emergency Contact FormService Record Form
  • Time Sheet

6. Arrival

When you arrive at the park, check in with Park staff and set up at site. If you don't already have a meeting set, contact Park staff to set up a meeting to begin duties. All forms should be submitted and discussed at this time. Your Volunteer Agreement should be reviewed in detail. Any additional special information will be obtained. This is a two-way meeting and begins your Host experience.

7. Hosting

You will discuss and set up Training in your initial meeting and begin your service period as a Delaware State Parks Volunteer Host!

8. On-Going Improvement

You will receive performance feedback throughout your hosting experience, and will be informed of any areas for improvement and of opportunities for further development- including new areas of interest to you or a desire for greater involvement or training.Service Agreements are renewable every three months, and you will receive an evaluation at this time. At the end of your service you will receive a written evaluation, which seeks your input on the program as well.

9. Rescheduling

Hosts who have successfully completed their service agreements have the first option to re-schedule dates and locations for the next season.