Contact: Glen Stubbolo
89 Kings Hwy., Dover, DE 19901
Phone: (302) 739-9193
Fax: (302) 736-7968

  1. Start and end dates vary and are flexible, depending on the position and assignment site.
  2. Length of term varies between 12 weeks, 6 months, 9 months or 12 months.
  3. Number of hours required depends on the position and the assignment site; this can be very regimented or very flexible.  Some positions will require as little as six to 10 hours per week with a very flexible schedule. Others require 30 to 40 hours on an established schedule that the intern agrees to.
  4. Position status: Interns are considered to be volunteers, and are not employees of the State of Delaware. The Division of Parks and Recreation does not provide Workmen’s Compensation or any other insurance coverage for interns.
  5. Governed by Internship Policy: Interns agree to adhere to the Internship Policy.