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In addition to outstanding training and hands-on learning, there are tangible benefits to Delaware State Parks interns:

  1. Stipend: Interns are considered volunteers and are not paid for their service. Interns may elect to receive a stipend to help cover expenses incurred during their volunteer intern service.  The more hours an intern serves, the greater the costs likely to be incurred. As a result, the stipend is a fixed amount of $100 per week for service of 30 or more hours per week or $50.00 per week for service of between 20 – 30 hours/ week paid biweekly as a direct deposit into the Intern’s bank account.
  2. Taxes: No taxes are withheld from the stipend. Interns electing to receive the stipend will complete IRS Form W-9 Request for Tax-Payer Identification as self-employed and will receive a Form 1099 at the end of the year that reports the amount of income from the stipend.  The stipend is not a wage, but does count toward the total income on which the intern’s tax obligation is based. Interns receiving less than $600 in a calendar year are not subject to receiving a Form 1099.
  3. Housing: Some housing is available, at no fee, for interns providing full-time hours (30 or more per week). If selected for housing, in most cases the intern should expect to share a room with other interns in a Division Intern house, duplex or dorm facility.
    The facilities are furnished and include kitchen, housewares, and  laundry. Utilities are included. Wi-Fi, cable, TVs and computers are NOT provided.

  4. Activities: Interns receive free admission to all Delaware State Parks and the opportunity to attend most programs and activities at no fee.