Resident Curatorship Program

Delaware State Parks

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About Our Resident Curatorship Program


Delaware’s history is being threatened

The Division of Parks and Recreation owns more valuable, historic properties than can be restored and maintained within current budget constraints.

  • The Division has more than 200 historic structures on nearly 25,000 acres of Park land throughout the State of Delaware.
  • While the Division is able to utilize some of these buildings, adaptive re-use and preservation of others prove more challenging

Be a part of preserving Delaware’s past

  • Private citizens and institutions can enlist as Curators with the Resident Curatorship Program.  Upon selection of their submitted proposal by a committee they will be able to rehabilitate an historic structure on park property.
  • By rehabilitating these structures through the Resident Curatorship Program, buildings that the Division are not utilizing can be saved from destruction and made available to future generations to enjoy.

For more information about the Delaware State Parks Resident Curatorship Program, please contact:

Jim Hall
Cultural Conservation Program Manager
Delaware Division of Parks and Recreation
152 S. State Street
Dover, DE 19901
(302) 739 -9186